:: Monday Murals: Saint Band

On week-ends before and on carnival days, groups create bands to play music on the streets and people follow them singing, dancing and drinking (of course). This bar located on Saint Anthony district has its own band named the Saint Band in honor of the patron of the neighborhood. This mural was painted on its front wall. Certainly there are not as many people like that, but it’s well-attended.
Monday Murals are hosted by Oakland Daily Photo. Come to know some other murals examples.

Nos fins-de-semana anteriores e nos dias de carnaval, grupos criam bandas para tocar música nas ruas e as pessoas as seguem cantando, dançando e bebendo (claro!). Este bar no bairro Santo Antônio tem sua própria banda chamada de Santo Bando em honra do padroeiro do bairro. Este mural foi pintado no muro frontal. Claro que não há tantas pessoas assim, mas é bem concorrido.
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