:: May CDP Theme Day: Let’s Eat!

Once a week every neigborhood has its day of fair. A dozen stalls are assembled on the street offering a diversity of basic products: fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, fish and meat, biscuits, candy and sometimes plants and flowers. They arrive early in the morning and usually leave around 2 PM.
The first of the month is theme day for the City Daily Photo community (CDP) and this month it is ‘Let’s eat!’. Visit City Daily Photo theme day page to view many interpretations of the theme.

Uma vez por semana, cada bairro tem seu dia de feira. Uma dúzia de bancas são montadas na rua oferecendo uma diversidade de produtos básicos: frutas, legumes e verduras, laticínios, grãos, peixe e carne, biscoitos, doces e algumas vezes plantas e flores. Eles chegam cedo e normalmente partem às 2h da tarde.
O primeiro dia do mês é dia temático para a comunidade do City Daily Photo (CDP) e este mês o tema é ‘Vamos comer!’. Para ver mais interpretações, visite a página do tema do ms da comunidade de City Daily Photo.

10 thoughts on “:: May CDP Theme Day: Let’s Eat!

  1. I love these marketplaces for fresh, locally grown food. Here we call them farmers markets. My own local area has four of them in different places and at different times each week. That means that just about anyone who wants to can fit at least one into their schedule.

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