:: Grupo Escolar Affonso Penna


My first elementary school was seen here some time ago. It was inaugurated in 1907 and 50 years later, when I was studying there, our school year was interrupted because it went under a large renovation plan. Now, it’s suffered another renovation and seems ready for the next 50 years. I hope so.

Minha primeira escolar primária já foi vista aqui há algum tempo. Ela foi inaugurada em 1907 e 50 anos depois, quando eu estudava lá, nosso ano escolar foi interrompido para passar por uma grande reforma. Agora, ela sofreu outra e parece pronta para os próximos 50 anos. Espero.

2 thoughts on “:: Grupo Escolar Affonso Penna

  1. That is great that they are renovating once again for the future years ahead. Thanks for the well wishes concerning my cataract surgery. It went well.

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