:: Ficus Benjamina :2:


The Ficus is a very ‘aggressive’ tree. Its seeds, carried by wind or birds, germinated in a joint of this old wall and grew quite fast. Its roots spreaded down and made a beautiful but dangerous baroque sculpture. It was cropped some time ago, but still insists in sprouting again.

O Ficus é uma árvore muito ‘agressiva’. Suas sementes, levadas pelo vento ou passarinhos, germinaram em uma junta deste muro antigo e ele cresceu muito rápido. Suas raízes se alastraram para baixo e fizeram uma linda, mas perigosa escultura barroca. Ele foi cortado há algum tempo, mas ainda insiste em brotar de novo.


4 thoughts on “:: Ficus Benjamina :2:

  1. I really like these photos, plus your story about the ficus. Has someone turned it into a mailbox of sorts? I noticed what looks like a folded note there in the roots. Makes me think of those spy movies about the days prior to technology when a mark would be made on a wall or a mailbox, then the spy who checked and found the mark would know that something was up, like a meeting at a preordained time and place.

    1. There is a bus stop in front of it. Maybe someone had an appointment and the other was too late and (s)he couldn’t wait, or maybe (s)he was just needing a trash bin. Who knows? :<)

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