:: Monday Murals: Tiradentes

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On April 21st, we celebrate Tiradentes (Joaquim José da Silva Xavier), a hero of Brazilian colonial history. He led a revolutionary movement to separate Brazil from Portugal in early 1790’s. The first scene of the mural depicts the martyrdom of Felipe dos Santos, a Portuguese who rebelled against the metropolis in 1720. He was hanged, tied to horses and dragged around the town. The following scenes show the conspiration, the denouncement by a betrayer, the judgement and Tiradentes’ condemnation to be hanged. His companions were exiled to Africa.
This mural is in the administration building at the campus of UFMG telling the history of Tiradentes. Yara Tupinambá painted it in 1969, assisted by Anadale Pitta and Silvia Gaia. It was painted during the military dictatorship and above the artist signature, the university dean is quoted: ‘The first condition to culture is freedom’.
Monday Murals are hosted by Oakland Daily Photo. Come to know some other examples.

Em 21 de abril, celebramos Tiradentes (Joaquim José da Silva Xavier), um herói da história colonial brasileira. Ele liderou um movimento revolucionário para separar o Brasil de Portugal no início dos anos 1790. A primeira cena do mural mostra o martírio de Felipe dos Santos, um português que se rebelou contra a metrópole em 1720. Ele foi enforcado, amarrado a cavalos e arrastado pela cidade. As cenas seguintes mostram a conspiração, a delação por um traidor, o julgamento e condenação de Tiradentes à forca. Seus companheiros foram exilados para a África.
Este mural fica no edifício da reitoria no campus da UFMG contando a história de Tiradentes. Yara Tupinambá pintou-o em 1969, assistida por Annandale Pitta e Silvia Gaia. Foi pintado durante a ditadura militar e acima da assinatura da artista, o reitor da universidade é citado: “Condição primeira para cultura é a liberdade”.
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8 thoughts on “:: Monday Murals: Tiradentes

  1. Beautiful photography of the mural and the foyer in your banner – love it!
    I found the video/animation very useful.
    It helps us understand the sequence of events and it correlates very nicely with your narration.
    Very nicely done!
    Nice find, snaps and share!
    Have a Happy Week!
    Peace 🙂

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