:: Quadrille


John loved Teresa who loved Raimundo
who loved Maria that loved Joaquim who loved Lili
that did not love anyone.
John went to the United States, Teresa to the convent,
Raimundo died of disaster, Mary ‘became an Aunt’*,
Joaquim killed himself and Lili married J. Pinto Fernandes
who had not entered in this story.

A well-known and provocative poem by Carlos Drumond de Andrade pasted on a wall downtown.
*derogatory term in Portuguese to refer to a woman who didn’t marry.

João amava Teresa que amava Raimundo
que amava Maria que amava Joaquim que amava Lili
que não amava ninguém.
João foi para os Estados Unidos, Teresa para o convento,
Raimundo morreu de desastre, Maria ficou para tia,
Joaquim suicidou-se e Lili casou com J. Pinto Fernandes
que não tinha entrado na história.

Carlos Drumond de Andrade, Quadrilha.


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