:: Quintane Yourself


Before, all roads went,
Now, all roads come.
The house is cozy, the books, few.
And I myself prepare tea for the ghosts.’

Mário Quintana, (1906 – 1994) is a deceased Brazilian poet and ‘#DressPoetry’ dedicates itself to spread poetry on lamp posts, t-shirts and on web: #vistapoesia (Instagran, Facebook, Twiter and an inactive blog: http://vistasedepoesias.blogspot.com.br/).

Mário Quintana, (1906 – 1994) é um poeta brasileiro falecido e #vistapoesia se dedica a difundir a poesia em postes de iluminação, camisetas e na web: #vistapoesia (Instagran, Facebook, Twiter e um blogue inativo: http://vistasedepoesias.blogspot.com.br/).


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