:: Monday Murals: Zezão


José Augusto Amaro Capela (Zezão) usually paints on “not noble” walls, like the margins of urban canal rivers or sewage galleries. See him in action here.
This mural was painted at the Museum of Sustainability, São Paulo.
Monday Murals from all over the world are hosted by Oakland Daily Photo. Come to know some other mural examples.

José Augusto Amaro Capela (Zezão) geralmente pinta nas paredes “não nobres”, como às margens de canais de rios urbanos ou galerias de esgoto. Veja-o em ação aqui.
Este mural foi pintado no Museu da Sustentabilidade, São Paulo.
Conheça outros exemplares de toda parte do mundo reunidos em Monday Murals: Oakland Daily Photo.


6 thoughts on “:: Monday Murals: Zezão

  1. Beautiful work! (Don’t know why, but the designs feel kind of like “meso-american” pre-hispanic, art to me.) Thanks for sharing the videos – we have family in Kassel, so we’ll find out if they know about him.

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