:: July CDP Theme Day: Upside Down


When my grandmother, who died 30 years ago, thought something was an absurd she used to say: “The world is upside down!” If she lived today, she would find too many things turned upside down, like, for instance, entirely tattooed bodies.
The first of the month is theme day for the City Daily Photo community (CDP) and this month it is ‘Upside Down’. Visit City Daily Photo theme day page to view many interpretations of the theme.

Quando a minha avó, que morreu há 30 anos, pensava que algo era um absurdo ela costumava dizer: “O mundo está de cabeça para baixo!” Se ela vivesse hoje, iria encontrar muitas coisas de cabeça para baixo, como, por exemplo, corpos inteiramente tatuados.
O primeiro dia do mês é dia temático para a comunidade do City Daily Photo (CDP) e este mês é ‘De cabeça para baixo’. Para ver mais interpretações, visite a página do tema mensal da comunidade de City Daily Photo.


5 thoughts on “:: July CDP Theme Day: Upside Down

  1. You’ve made a great Theme Day post. I’m glad you picked this photo and topic for today. Thanks for the informative text about the part your grandma’s saying played in it.

  2. Ahh … now tatooed bodies ARE an example of the word being upside-down, as your mother feared! Or inside-out … or back-to-front…. definitely out-of-kilter. I am NOT a fan!

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