:: Our Lady of Good Voyage Cathedral :3:


Last December, in the interior of the church, there were these photos showing three eras of it. On the left, the church of the village that originated the city; in the center, when the front part and the towers had been demolished around 1919 and on the right the existing church still under construction. The architecture went backwards in time: from colonial to gothic style.

Em dezembro passado, no interior da igreja, havia essas fotos que mostram três épocas dela. À esquerda, a igreja do povoado que deu origem à cidade; no centro, quando a parte da frente e as torres foram demolidas por volta de 1919 e à direita a igreja existente ainda em construção. A arquitetura andou para trás no tempo: do colonial para o estilo gótico.


3 thoughts on “:: Our Lady of Good Voyage Cathedral :3:

  1. Don’t think I have ever seen a building that has gone backwards in styling like this. Must be a fairly affluent area, to afford the choice, and to afford to change their mind.

    1. Originally, it was a village which was chosen to be the new capital of the state. It was then urbanized having Washington DC and La Plata, Argentina, as models. As a capital, everything needed to be improved. Many public buildings were built in eclectic style. I think Catholic Church liked Gothic. See St. Patrick in NYC.

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