:: Our Lady of Good Voyage Cathedral :2:


Having a whole block for itself but surrounded by tall trees, it is quite difficult to have a complete view of this church. This is the front entrance seen from the street a few meters lower. Its back view was seen here.

Tendo um quarteirão inteiro para si, mas rodeada por árvores altas, é muito difícil ter uma visão completa da igreja. Esta é a entrada da frente vista da rua poucos metros mais abaixo. Sua vista de trás foi mostrada aqui.


3 thoughts on “:: Our Lady of Good Voyage Cathedral :2:

  1. Very beautiful edifice. The small brick church here on our little island is called “Saint Mary’s, Star of the Sea.” Its priest does “the Blessing of the Fleet” every spring.

    1. The catholic Church has some litanies and one dedicated to Saint Mary names her, among many other things, “Morning Star”. Star of the Sea is quite appropriate, I guess. It is a pretty little church and in a pleasant neighborhood, but I thought, it would be a more bucolic place.

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