:: Caesalpinia Peltophoroides :2:


This tree (about 98ft high) is planted on the sidewalk of Paraiba street (1342) which is 65ft wide, from wall to wall. It is so big that its canopy covers all the crossing shading the whole area.
01/18: Sorry, the correct name of this tree is Peltophorum Dubium. Their cientific names are close, so I imagine they are relatives. Both have yellow flowers but bloom in different seasons.

Esta árvore (+/- 30m de altura) está plantada na calçada da rua Paraíba (1342) que tem 20m de largura, de parede a parede. Ela é tão grande que a sua copa abrange o cruzamento sombreando toda a área.
18/01: Desculpe, mas o nome correto dessa árvore é Peltophorum Dubium. Seus nomes científicos são próximos, então eu imagino que sejam parentes. Ambas têm flores amarelas mas florescem em diferentes épocas do ano.


3 thoughts on “:: Caesalpinia Peltophoroides :2:

  1. Very attractive, Luiz. Our city council in Sydney is very much in favour of trees in the urban landscape. They are being groomed the city over, causing a transformation to our concrete jungle.

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