:: Monday Murals: Zamas (?)


Unfortunately, I tried some variations to decipher the signature but couldn’t find anything on internet.
Monday Murals are hosted by Oakland Daily Photo. Come to know some other mural examples.

Infelizmente, eu tentei algumas variações para decifrar a assinatura, mas não consegui encontrar nada na internet.
Conheça outros exemplares de Monday Murals reunidos em Oakland Daily Photo.


4 thoughts on “:: Monday Murals: Zamas (?)

    1. His looks make me think he is what we call in Brazil a ‘malandro’: the guy who is smart, slick, manipulates situations to get out of troubles not exactly correctly. The English translations for ‘malandro’ in dictionary are ‘scoundrel, rascal, rogue’, but I think these are excessively negative.

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