:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow


I was visiting this club for the first time when I heard the noise of the boys and went into this gym. What first intrigued me were the dozens of lines marking different games. How can one orient itself when there are markings in conflicting directions? From my point of view it was even worse with the safety net overlapping and crossing them all. Only then did the yellow floor caught my attention to imagine that it should excite and moreover stimulate the players.
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Eu estava visitando este clube pela primeira vez quando ouvi a algazarra dos rapazes e entrei neste ginásio. O que primeiro me intrigou foram as dezenas de linhas marcando diferentes jogos. Como é possível se orientar quando há marcações em direções conflitantes? Do meu ponto de vista ainda ficava pior com a rede de proteção se sobrepondo e cruzando com todas. Só depois é que o amarelo do assoalho me chamou a atenção para imaginar que deve excitar e estimular ainda mais os jogadores.
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5 thoughts on “:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

  1. We passed by our local high school just last evening and it appeared they were having a basketball game…it’s been a long time since I sat in the bleachers there and watched a game…what I remember most is the squeak of shoes on the floor…great post/photograph for the challenge.

    1. I arrived the moment the boys were finishing the play. Unfortunatelly, I didn’t have the time to photograph them in action. It would be much more interesting. I waited for some time to see if they would restart, but they were leaving and all I got were some of them still resting.

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