:: WP Weekly Photo Chalenge: Relic


From 1962 till 1972 Karmann Ghia was produced in Brazil and was quite popular among young people. Nowadays, very few of them exist and they can get prices similar to that of a recent large car. I met this very,very preserved one about one year and a half ago in a workshop.
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De 1962 até 1972 o Karmann Ghia foi produzido no Brasil e era bastante popular entre os jovens. Hoje em dia, muito poucos deles existem e podem obter preços semelhantes ao de um carro recente de grande porte. Eu encontrei este muito, muito preservado cerca de um ano e meio atrás, em uma oficina.
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3 thoughts on “:: WP Weekly Photo Chalenge: Relic

  1. I went to a car museum recently. They had one of these cars along with 200 more cars that are rare. It was amazing to see the way American cars change so often but foreign cars tend to stay the same with minor changes.
    This is a beautiful classic car. : )

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