:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


A penny for this bird’s thoughts. Would it be thinking of a lost partner? A new fishing technique? The shortage on food? Or trees for a nest? The climate change?
See more interpretations of the challenge here.

Um tostão pelos pensamentos deste pássaro. Será que está pensando em um parceiro perdido? Uma nova técnica de pesca? A escassez de alimentos? Ou de árvores para um ninho? A mudança climática?
Veja mais interpretações desse desafio aqui.

5 thoughts on “:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

  1. Well, it’s a Black-crowned Night Heron, which has probably been fishing all night, so perhaps it’s reflecting on “which tall tree shall I roost in for the day?” Nice shot!

    1. When I searched for its name I only found one other photo unfortunately without the name. They certainly are relatives, but I think the eyes and beak are somewhat different.

      1. Hi. I tend to not find replies to comments – this blog world is very confusing to navigate! Finally noticed yours after 6 days! Anyway, I checked Wikipedia and some other ornithological sites, and still think it’s a Black-crowned. The eyes should be red, but lighting always alters colors in bird photography. And they are found year-round all over the Americas, including eastern South America, though here in New York they head south for the winter, and reappear in May. This is coming from a true “bird-watcher”!

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