:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Many times, when I take multiple photos in a same situation trying different angles or positions it’s difficult to choose which one is better or not. This is what happened when I visited the exposition at Casa Una. Seen from a side window, this lateral yard was quite inviting to sit and to photograph. Now is a good opportunity to show both shots.
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Muitas vezes, quando tiro várias fotos em uma mesma situação tentando ângulos ou posições diferentes, fica difícil escolher qual é a melhor ou não. Isto foi o que aconteceu quando eu visitei a exposição na Casa Una. Visto de uma janela lateral, este pátio era bastante convidativo para se sentar e fotografar. Agora é uma boa oportunidade para mostrar ambas as fotos.
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12 thoughts on “:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

  1. Very clever: that first one looks very intimate and small, a friendly place; the second one is far more chilly and uninviting, more regimented, the chairs so formal. Love it. Alienora

    1. Thanks, Alienora. Matter of fact, the place is quite ample, not cozy at all. It’s the entrance to a college and lots of students reunite there.

  2. Interesting photos. I like the way you have placed them side by side. The disconnected placement of the chairs adds an air of mystery.

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