:: Mid-March Theme Day: Equinox


The quest of this theme is to show the balance of animal, vegetal, mineral and spiritual – in any combination. In Mangabeiras Park we find the three first and people may go there to search the forth. (Not on a summer Sunday afternoon.) Plenty of carps in the pond, ever hungry coatis, trails, panoramic views boarded by the Corral Mountain. This side of the mountain is preserved, but the other one was an iron ore mining and is totally destroyed today. (Search: Parque das Mangabeiras, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil in maps.google.com. The photo was shot on A, the mining was southwards.)
See more interpretations of the theme in City Daily Photo.

A busca deste tema é mostrar o equilíbio do animal, vegetal, mineral e espiritual – em qualquer combinação. No Parque das Mangabeiras, encontramos os três primeiros e as pessoas costumam ir lá em busca do quarto. (Não em uma tarde de domingo de verão.) Muitas carpas no lago, quatis esfomeados, trilhas, vistas panorâmicas limitadas pela Serra do Curral. Este lado da montanha está preservado, mas o outro, hoje, está totalmente destruído. (Procure: Parque das Mangabeiras, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil em maps.google.com. A foto foi feita em A, a mineração está ao sul.)
Veja mais interpretações do tema em City Daily Photo.

7 thoughts on “:: Mid-March Theme Day: Equinox

  1. So sad that one side of the mountain is so beautiful, yet the other side destroyed by iron ore mining, Luiz. I do hope that the local landholders gained something financially from the resources that were mined and taken away to be used elsewhere. My guess is that they benefited very little and that most of the money was made by very wealthy international corporations.

    Thank you for your contribution to the Festival of the Equinox. I really appreciate your effort.

    1. In fact, the other side was never inhabited, The mountain was as steep as the preserved side. We lost the natural environment and, yes, the minerals were exported.

  2. I do like the idea of ‘spiritual’ ..fascinating to think that each side of this mountain is so extremely different,

  3. It is amazing that something so beautiful can have such a different side. What an excellent realisation of the theme of balance!

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